Rio reveals source tells the reason why the ghost is missing Bellingham.

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Former famous defender Rio Ferdinand reveals a reliable source at Manchester United. And the reason why the PLA brought Jude Bellingham to the team.

Back in 2020, before Bellingham moved to play with Borussia Dortmund. The “Red Devils” had negotiations to join the team and had the opportunity to talk with the players. But in the end, the 17-year-old at that time decided to go to Germany. UFABET

However, Ferdinand revealed a reliable source at Old Trafford who said the reason. Bellingham was not joined was because a position on the team was not guaranteed for the player. 

“You know what I’ve heard… He (Bellingham) wanted the assurance of being a first-team player and United were unwilling to give him that assurance. That’s what I heard from a very good source.” Ferdinand told Vibe With Five.

“He was not guaranteed to be in the first team and he said ‘You know what, I know my worth. And if you don’t value me like I value myself I’ll probably go to another club.'”

“He went and did that. He probably looked back and thought, ‘I told you, you don’t believe in me, right?'”

“And then he went to Real Madrid and was bursting with form. He rocked the Bernabeu. The club was building and he was showing greatness! It’s really incredible.”