Warnock didn’t hold back when asked about Manchester United.

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Neil Warnock the sharp-tongued manager slammed Manchester United. After being ask about Erik ten Hag’s situation with their current poor performance.

The “Red Devils” just got beat 3-0 by Manchester City in the English Premier League on Sunday. This has cause the team to lose 5 out of 10 league games this season. With only 15 points, ranking 8th in the table. Most recently Newcastle were attack at home and eliminate from the Carabao Cup ทางเข้า UFABET

When ask about Ten Hag, Warnock recently separate from Huddersfield In September. said: “When he was appointed to manage the team I think he will be the answer. The team needs people who are organized in that environment.”

“But I have to say I didn’t enjoy what I saw. The money he spend People forget with club owners. It doesn’t matter what you guys think of him. They spent a huge amount of money.”

“Some of the players he was willing to spend 60-70 million pounds for. I would never have brought them into my team at Huddersfield for sure. I watch them play with the way they play. And I don’t see them making an effort. All I saw was possession.”

“Then I saw the captain. How did he [Bruno Fernandes] become captain? I don’t know. He just kept waving his arms around. I don’t see a happy environment. And I don’t think this manager can handle this. I’m not sure he wants to stay either. He can’t change anything.”