Gary feels like he hits Manchester United too lightly.

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Gary Neville, former Manchester United defender reveals that. Sometimes when he walks away from a program that criticizes his former football club. He even felt that he was speaking too softly.

The “Red Devils” performed disappointingly again after being attacked at home by Newcastle 3-0. And eliminated from the Round of 16 in the Carabao Cup. Gary, who works as a Sky Sports pundit. And often criticizes his old team. Revealing that when he walked out of the program he felt that he still criticized his old team too lightly UFABET

“Sometimes I question myself. That when I walk away from a show like on Sunday, ‘Are we being too harsh?'” Gary said.

“But when you hear the stats of a player like him (Martial) who has been at the club for nine years. A goalscorer worth £50m, £60m, £70m and scored 89 goals in nine years. and is still with the club I don’t think I’m talking too harshly. I think it’s too little.”

“The failure of the football side and the build-up was crazy. They are people and at the end of the day no one wants to go on the field, perform poorly, be below standard. No one wants to get hurt.”

“I accept those factors. But the reality is there is no way he should be a starter for Manchester United in any competition. Even in the Carabao Cup. He has good feet. But he needs someone with experience on his side.”