Trippier insists he joins Newcastle not for money

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Trippier insists he joins Newcastle not for money

Kieran Trippier insists his return to the Premier League with Newcastle United was due to an interesting project. It’s definitely not because of the money.

The 31-year-old England right-back joined Newcastle in a reported £12million following. His success at Atletico Madrid by winning La Liga titles last season. A two-and-a-half-season contract with a salary of at least £100,000-a-week, To the UFABET report. Which is considered the top wage of the team.

“Every player who has played with me. including the team manager who work with they know me know what kind of person i am I will fight for the shirt I’m wearing. And I like the challenge.”

“I moved here. because project team and everything. About it And I don’t think twice about choosing to play with Newcastle United.”

“If someone says I move because of money. I can’t stop it, but I know the reason why I chose to. And money is not one of those reasons.”

Trippier will wear the number 15 shirt against Newcastle United.

“I’m delighted to be joining this special team. I had a great time in Madrid, but when I realized the interest from Newcastle United and working with Eddie Howe in the past, I knew right away that this was the club I had. want to be affiliated”