Rivaldo has name the top two clubs deserve Rafinha

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Rivaldo has named the top two clubs that deserve Rafinha the most in Europe.

Waldo’s legendary Brazilian football. Self-confirmed that the two big teams that are worthy of getting. The best winger Rafinha from Leeds United to strengthen the army the most are Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

“It appears Rafinha is now a very important player for the English Premier League and kudos to Leeds United for seeing his potential and giving him the opportunity to develop himself. successfully,” Na Yao told UFABET.

“Currently Rafinha is only 25 years old, although not a young star, but is still young, allowing him to raise his footsteps far and wide until the end is unpredictable. This is the key issue that the big clubs must pay special attention to.”

“As far as I’m aware. Liverpool are very interest in Rafinha and there should be an offer to be considered by the agency soon, of course, but with Leeds themselves wanting to keep it. For another 1-2 years, no formal negotiations have taken place.”

“However Considering the style of play. The quality of the pace, as well as the personal character. I dare say that Rafinha would be the best fit for teams like Liverpool or Bayern Munich. But I can’t deny that he might choose another team as it has now attracted worldwide attention. quite”