Neco reveals his goals

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Neco reveals his goals After heavy rumours about wanting to leave Liverpool.

Liverpool right-back Neco Williams has revealed what his goals are for 2022. After being involved in the news that he wants to move out of Anfield since the summer

“I believe that almost every human being on the planet likes to set goals for the New Year on what to do in the next 12 months. Most professional footballers do this too,” Neko told UFABET report.

“For me, the ultimate goal of this year is to play many times more, which of course can only happen if we work hard enough. Beyond that is the number of assists and goals I want to achieve at club level and national team.”

“As I am not yet a key player for Liverpool, my sole responsibility is to focus on the way I play. When defending, how to do it to come out the best When in possession of the ball with yourself, what do you have to do to defeat your opponent? When you pass the ball into the penalty area, how do you turn it into an assist, etc.”

“In today’s world The style of play of the full-backs that can make a difference in the game changes every year, especially with a team like Liverpool where there are many formulas to choose from, with the addition of the attacking left-backs and full-backs. The right is one of the keys.”

“If you look closely, you can see that Trent Arnold & Andrew Robertson are always going to take the game a step further. So myself and Costas Simikas have to adapt as well to find a way to help the team as much as possible when the opportunity comes.”