Fred opened his mouth for the first time

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Fred opened his mouth for the first time after rumours 17 Man Utd players wanted to leave manager Rangnick.

Manchester United  Samba midfielder Fred reacts enthusiastically. After being named by many media outlets as one of the 17 Red Devils players. Who want to leave the team. Because they were not happy with the Ralph Rangnick style of football philosophy.

“In the past few days, bad news about Manchester United have been circulate in the media. which I read and became very angry because it was not true at all.” Complain via personal twitter

“But what makes it even worse is that the media have dared to put my name and 16 other team-mates at the center of the chaos that is going on at the club right now. To be honest, it’s absolutely unacceptable.”

“Usually I am not an athlete who will respond to rumours or criticisms about myself. because I know that it is useless for all parties But this time I really can’t give up and won’t just let it pass. The record by UFABET

We can do now. I can assure you that still very happy at Manchester United. Anyone who knows me well will know that I have never expressed dissatisfaction about my job.”

“more important I never thought about leaving Old Trafford to play for another team. So I want to confirm that everything you have read in the media is fake news. is all fake news And now we will show for ourselves how beautiful Manchester United can turn upside down.”