Conte reveals sign a short-term contract with Spurs

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Conte reveals sign a short-term contract with Spurs Confident enough time to solve problems for the team.

Antonio Conte boss of Spurs said. He sign with the team short. Because I do not want to be a burden on the club in terms of finances. But he was confident that the contract that was sign gave him enough time to deal with the team’s problems. News present by UFABET

Conte has returned to the Premier League for a new job and has only received an 18-month contract. with the option to extend the contract with a contract value of 13 million pounds per season together

“I don’t need a long-term contract to work with the club. I’m here to improve Spurs’ situation. Have the opportunity for me to work have comment and my vision And it’s not a problem with short-term contracts receive. If the club is satisfie with my job and the contract has been extende That’s because I fully deserve it. I’m not a coach who wants a long-term contract. because it’s not fair Because I know I’m a top coach with very high wages for the club. I don’t want to commit anything to a long-term club. because I understand the financial situation Wages are an important issue for the club. And I have already made a promise that suits me.”