Arteta confirms Arsenal have no plans sign Jack Wilshere

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Arteta confirms Arsenal have no plans to sign Jack Wilshere.

Mikel Arteta has insisted Arsenal have no plans to sign former midfielder Jack Wilshere. and learn to coach with the team

Wilshere 30 attends a training session to get fit. And learn to coach with the team. After in the last trading market He became a player without a club. After the expiration of his contract with Bournemouth A team in the Championship while Arsenal are struggling in midfield. Which will be left only Zambia Lokonka and Granit Xhaka. The only two in the first team after Mohamed Elneny and Thomas Patey went to the African Nations. Cup, while the team released Ainsley Maidland-Niles to Roma on loan.

“I have been told about Jack Wilshere’s situation and his plans. What did he come here for? And that situation remains unchange.”

“We are fully satisfie with every market. We are always awake. If we find a player that suits us And we can accept all expenses. We will definitely have a discussion. We are open to this. So we need to give UFABET report”

This is the story from the beginning of a youngster who has never been afraid of anyone. To the day when he turn 30 and no team was interest and dared to promise him again. Until even his son asked “Why doesn’t any team want a father?”

“Honestly I never thought that I would be here. Whenever I talk to other people, I always tell them that. The moment I was 28-29 years old, it would be the best time in my footballer’s life. He is at the forefront of the England national team and plays for top-tier clubs. That’s always been my way.”