What is Dragon Tiger?

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What is Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is that you have to observe the draws within the game. What kind of awards are there? Due to the fact that the Dragon Tiger will have different prize draws at different times. If you can catch the point or observe. The prize draw within the game that each period. What kind of prizes are drawn. You can easily guess. that next time. Which side will be the side with the most points Catching. Dragon Tiger point may be call simply. You shouldn’t miss it at UFABET

It can a card reading. Which reading the cards is very important Continue playing cards Dragon Tiger. Because reading cards will increase the chances of winning for players as well. Betting on Tiger and Dragon to win is quite difficult. Since the game will measure the points on only 1 card. No additional cards will drawn under any circumstances. The point in the game must be capture before making bets.

How to capture points?

1. Dragon card layout
I mean, you have to observe if there are 3 consecutive eliminations on either side or not. If there is already an award like this Next time. You can choose to bet according to that card. Until the prize is drawn on the opposite side
2. Ping pong card layout
Is to observe whether there has been an alternating prize draw or not. The next time you bet on the opposite side.
3. The layout of two cards in a row
Is to issue prizes on the same side twice in a row, such as dragons, dragons, tigers, tigers, dragons, dragons, if this kind of prize has drawn. You can bet according to this card layout
4. The layout of two cards cut.
This card layout is similar to with ping pong card layout but is different in that Two card layouts cut into two adjacent alternating sides, such as tiger, tiger, dragon, you can bet according to the layout of two cut cards.