Pokdeng Rules

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Pokdeng has no difficult rules. Because it is a card game that is easy to play, finishes quickly, uses luck rather than technique. What are the rules? Let’s go see Study here UFABET .


The dealer and all players look at the Pokdeng cards in their hand. Then the points will be count as follows.

  1. Numbered cards are score according to numbers 2 to 9.
  2. Cards J, Q, K are count as 0 points.
  3. Ace cards are count as 1
  4. Pok 9 (or 9 points) or Pok 8 (8 points) is consider a big card. The person who gets Poke is consider to have finish at that point.
  5. In the event that it doesn’t poke (score is not 9 or 8), the sum of the sum of the cards in the hand is a score of 1 to 7. Take the card scores to measure. or call 1 more card
  6. In the event that more than 10 points and do not use Pok Will count the excess number as a point, for example we have 2 cards 6 and 9, total 15 will count as 5, the ten digit will not count.
  7. In the case of total card points and ends with tens or 0 will be count as a blind card or 0 points

extra points

Extra points are points that are assigned to conditions that earn additional money. or special scores are as follows:

  1. Double Bounce – is a hand of two cards of the same suit. or the same number If you win, you will get double your money.
  2. Triple Bounce – is a hand with 3 cards of the same suit. If you win, your bet will be 3 times.
  3. Three Westerners or Three Masters Refers to the three cards of group J, Q, K. It is consider that the points are greater than the point 9 with three cards (9 back). If you win, your bet will be 3 times.
  4. Tong – is a hand of 3 cards, the same number, has a point greater than 9 (non-Pok) and three foreigners, if winning, will get 5 times.
  5. Sort – is that the 3 cards in your hand are line up, for example 2, 3, 4 or Q, K, A, except K, A, 2 and A, 2, 3 are not count as ranks. Because 2 is the lowest value and A is the value. Maximum, irreversible, if you win, you will get 3 times.