How to play roulette and basic rules

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How to play roulette and basic rules.

Roulette is a gambling game that relies mainly on probability and luck and does not have a fixed formula.  Study here UFABET Roulette game has been one of the most popular casino games for over 200 years. Because it is easy and fun to play. Just match the numbers, colors or groups of the rollers to get instant money.

  • A typical board has a total of 37 numbers from 0 to 36 (American roulette boards have 38 numbers because 00 is add).
  • On the wheel the red and black colors are always alternating and there are 18 equal numbers. Even and odd numbers are distribut without more than 2 adjacent numbers.
  • There are two main types of bets : Inside bets containing numbers 0-36 and Outside bets consisting of red-black, high-low, dozen and even-odd bets.
  • The number 0 does not fall into the above 2 categories. This gives the house edge a 2.7% (5.3% on American), also known as House Edge.
  • Roulette bets are not limit to any type of bet. Players can play multiple games. Simultaneously depends on personal preferences and wealth.
  • Other Player Bets It doesn’t affect your own winnings. Can repeat bets with other players. It just depends on what number the rollers land on the wheel.