How to Play Blackjack and Basic Rules

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How to Play Blackjack and Basic Rules. Playing the entrance is:  ทางเข้า UFABET

  • On the blackjack table there is 1 dealer and up to 8 players.
  • Blackjack is a popular card game that uses 6 – 8 decks of cards to play.
  • When the total value of the cards equals 21, it is Blackjack or 21 Blackjack .
  • Blackjack is a game. Play between the Player and the Banker The other players’ card points on the table do not affect their own cards. Just have to win the dealer’s card.
  • When a player wins with The dealer will pay 1.5 times the stake. But if the dealer wins with The player will lose only the initial bet amount.
  • Nothing is higher than. If both the Player and the Banker are dealt There will be no conflict of interest and will be void.
  • Everyone starts with 2 cards and can draw unlimited cards. Draw until the point exceeds 21 or a satisfactory card point is obtained.
  • If the total hand value exceeds 21, it will be consider losing and lose the money of that round immediately.
  • When everyone has a satisfactory point, the dealer will show the cards. If the dealer has 17 points, no more cards can be drawn. But if the banker card is worth 16 or less, at least 1 card must be drawn.

Blackjack table example

Insurance or insurance in blackjack card games is 
When the first face-up dealer’s card is A, the player has the option to insure their bet. 
and the dealer gets blackjack (21), the player gets half of their bet. 
But if the dealer doesn’t show Blackjack (21) then the game will continue.

Double the bet or Double Down

The double bet is When 2 starting cards are obtained, all players have a chance to draw additional cards. and can double the bet but can Only one more card can be drawn.

Splitting or splitting cards

Splitting cards or Split is to split the first 2 cards that have been drawn into two legs. The player’s two cards must have the same value, for example [A,A] [8,8] [3,3] and the player who chooses to play Split must increase the bet equal to the original bet and play. Draw more cards one at a time.

Formula: It is recommended to split or split only if there is a pair [A,A] or a KQJ pair of 10. In case the dealer card that was opened is equal to 2-6 because at least 1 must be drawn. blade

Reading Blackjack Card Points

  • Cards from 2 to 10 have their face value, for example pair [8,7] is equal to 13.
  • JQK cards are worth 10 points, e.g. pair [J,Q] is worth 20.
  • A has a score of 1 or 11, which players can choose. Depending on the player’s hand how many points are combined, eg pair [A, 8] can choose either 9 or 19.