History of 13 cards online

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History of 13 cards online

13 card history That has been popular gambling for a long time. From a group of people and has been inherit and can be seen online. Can play no matter where with UFABET Currently 13 cards have brought in to develop system. To play via the Internet. Also known as 13 cards online Makes a history of not less interesting stories for another gambling game that is fun and fun in itself.

How to play 13 card online

How to play 13 cards : You will begin to deal  13 cards to the players on the table , starting from the right or left first. You will deal cards face down. The player is forbidden to be seen by other players. The 13 card game has a variety of pay rates. For how to play three piles of real money online, there are simple steps that friends do not yet know. How to play three stacks of 8 cards, or how to play 9 cards, follow a good article from three stacks of cards pantip, including 13 card formulas. For those who do not understand, we have gathered information. How to play 13 cards online and you can study right away.

Arrangement of 13 cards

There are many types of 13 card arranging , which players can measure the result/lose win from here, which is to measure the cards, who holds the bigger cards. which each card format has small > big or arrange the cards from least to greatest as follows

Small and large sequence of cards (starting with high > low)

Dragon Set > Straight Flush (Color Sort) > 4 Similar Cards > Full House > 5 Same Color > Sort > 3 Same Cards > 2 Pairs > Pair > Normal

**In the case of the cards are the same according to the principles of card games will compare the flowers on the cards But in a 13 card game will compare from the points on the cards to decide the result of losing or winning

Big or small sequence of points (starting from high > low)

A > K > Q > J > 10 >9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2

And this is the main rough way to play. of the 13 card game. That measures the result of losing / winning In 13 card games. The rules are share everywhere. Even in casinos and online.