The dangers of cigarette smoke that you may not know

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The dangers of cigarette smoke that you may not know.

Cigarettes are cylindrical shapes roll up with paper. Cigarettes are generally shorter in length, about 120 millimeters, and about 10 millimeters in diameter, and have finely ground tobacco leaves wrapped in cigarette paper. That many people already know. There many chemicals in cigarettes. The filling of cigarettes is made from dried tobacco fibers and has put through many chemical processes and other substances have add as well.

Did you know that cigarette smoke is compose of chemicals?

There are more than 4,000 types of chemicals and are also toxins that can cause our body to have chemicals in them and cause various diseases by itself and also cause that cause our bodies to contain carcinogenic substances You can do it yourself. We will give an example. Chemicals contained in cigarettes include acetone (Acetone), aluminum (Aluminiam), ammonia (Ammonia), arsenic (Arsenic), benzene (Benzene), butane (Butane), cadmium (Cadmium), caffeine (Caffeine). This is Just the substances that we sample Let’s take a look at the chemicals. That are containe in cigarettes. There are many different types of things that will cause damage to your hair and body.

Did you know that Even though my mother didn’t smoke, just inhaling the smoke from cigarettes is very dangerous, or may even be more dangerous than ufabet a smoker, because the smoke in cigarettes consists of various types of chemicals that Will cause harm by Direct to our body, whether it is cancer, lung disease, respiratory disease, or many other types of diseases caused by cigarette smoke, they are all dangerous diseases that can harm our lives. Cigarettes are dangerous, whether People who smoke or people who don’t smoke but get a lot of smoke from cigarette smoke. Because if we have to inhale cigarette smoke on a daily basis, then it will negatively affected by. It can directly affect our body at a level. That is serious and life-threatening. And cigarettes or smoke from cigarettes. Cause many diseases such as

Heart disease and stroke. Many people know that cigarettes or cigarette smoke

contain many different types of chemicals and will directly affect our body and health and can cause heart disease and blood vessel malfunction. Or it could be serious. cardiac arrest It can cause death.

Lung disease: Cigarette smoke will cause direct damage if we inhale it by going into our lungs and causing respiratory diseases such as dangerous diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Lung cancer is a disease that everyone knows that if we smoke or inhale cigarette smoke. In large numbers and regularly, of course, we have a chance that our body will cause lung cancer because when we get cigarette smoke into our body, we will have a chance of getting lung cancer. It can be 1.2 – 1.5 times more than normal people and can also cause various cancers such as breast cancer and leukemia which are very dangerous to our own bodies.

Respiratory disease is consider another serious disease. That is cause by inhaling cigarette smoke. Many of them occur or cause asthma or chronic cough.

There are many other diseases that cigarette smoke causes that cause a lot of damage to our bodies.

Therefore, we should take care of our bodies and take care of ourselves so that we do not go to places where people smoke or if people smoke. It is wise to abstain and quit smoking for the good health of our own bodies. And we should eat nutritious food and exercise and get enough rest each day for our own good health.