Illnesses that come with high heels

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Illnesses that come with high heels

High heels are an outfit that greatly enhances the personality of girls. Whether applying for a job, working, or even going to a party, many people still choose to wear high heels. Because it helps boost your confidence. But wearing high heels has hidden dangers.

For girls, it’s about beauty. Not to mention beauty What will make you beautiful and elegant?

That is necessary to possess. And wearing high heels It is one thing that helps build confidence in girls. If you stand on a plain place, your personality may not look very good. But if you stand on heels 2 – 3 inches high, you will feel confident immediately. But did you know that Wear high heels To build confidence in yourself. Over time it can be dangerous. Come harm your own body.

The dangers that can easily be seen from wearing high heels are: There is a risk of tripping and falling. This will cause the ankle to turn or sprain, and if worn ยูฟ่าเบท for a long time, there is a chance of causing back pain and hip pain because when wearing high heels you have to tiptoe and tense your feet all the time. Make the body tend to It’s like falling forward. The body is trying to adjust. By arching your back Bend your lower hips more. To find a point of balance and being able to stand on high heels without falling, causing the back and hips to have to work hard cause pain In addition, it also affects important joints of the body Like the knee joint as well.

All the girls have ever felt a sharp pain. There is a clicking sound in the knee joint.

Time to walk up and down the stairs With high heels or not? If so, that means You are having problems with your knee joints. Because alone, just walking up and down the stairs Normally, the knee joint has to bear the force. It’s already hit a lot. Even more so when wearing high heels. Your knees will have to work harder. Because I don’t know how much I have to bear more impact. When worn for a long time, it causes knee joint pain. due to inflammation of the patella joint surface From frequent friction due to wearing high heels Makes the muscles in the front of the legs relax. The patella is unbalanced. There is instability. and the patella joint surface deteriorates prematurely. It’s a silent danger that doesn’t give any warning, right?

There are also symptoms of illness. That comes with a lot of high heels. Today we have collected information. Illness from wearing high heels For a long time, let the girls come and check for themselves. Are you in these symptoms?

Illnesses from wearing high heels

Achilles tendon muscle

Wearing high heels This causes you to stand on your tiptoes for a long time, causing your hamstring muscles to become tight and short. The longer you have to stand or walk, it will cause calf pain. For some people, the pain may spread to the front of the leg or shin and cause cramps as a result.

Arch and heel pain

When the hamstring muscle is tight and frequent short contractions will have a negative effect on The structure of the foot and causing pain in the arch and heel.

Toe pain

Wearing high heels Especially those that have The height of the heel is more than 2 inches, causing the forefoot and toes, especially the base of the big toe, to bear almost all of the body’s weight. May cause inflammation and toe pain can follow

Back pain and herniated disc disease

Wearing high heels Prolonged periods of time also cause the back to arch. Because you have to lean over front all the time The body tries to maintain balance. By tensing the body and back so as not to lean forward. It is a cause of back pain. It also makes The bone above the hip moves to press on the nerve Over time, it will become a herniated disc disease.

Having osteoarthritis (Osteoarthritis)

to balance Being in high heels all the time causes you to stand and tense your knees. which is the cause of birth Osteoarthritis (Osteoarthritis) can occur prematurely.

deformed foot structure

Wearing high heels with pointed toes or narrow heels often causes the front of the foot to be compressed. As a result, the foot structure is deformed. Characteristics of foot deformity are: The big toe will twist inward. and the base of the big toe will bulge out Make various tendons of the toes are aligned incorrectly

Heart disease (Heart disease)

Dr. Kitiphan Wisuttarom (Director of Bangkok Heart Hospital) spoke about the dangers of high heels: Wearing high heels Causes varicose veins, which causes blood clots to form. A blood clot will form. at the vein which has the main function of receiving blood from arteries that nourishes the muscles Send back to the heart If an abnormality occurs with veins will cause the system to circulate blood in the body not working properly and can directly affect heart disease (Heart disease)