Back pain, disease warning signs

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Back pain, disease warning signs

Back pain, disease warning signs

Our bodies are always warning us of the risk of various diseases by feeling in various areas of the body. The symptoms we feel may not be very serious, causing some people to ignore the symptoms that occur. until it spreads into a serious disease

Back pain is considered a symptom that can be found at all ages, whether male, female, child, teenager, adult, tall, low, black, white. The risk factors that occur are There are many factors that cause this to happen. This causes back pain in many ways, such as chronic muscle inflammation. spinal joint inflammation spinal disc herniation Herniated disc, etc.

Back pain symptoms are caused by

  • hard mattress or too soft It is not according to the body of that person.
  • Heavy objects, whether it be lifting, holding or bending in the wrong way.
  • Smoking is one of the risk factors.
  • Osteoporosis or thin bones
  • Obesity or excessive body weight As a result, the spinal disc and weight-bearing coccyx More than other areas
  • Sitting and working for a long time or staying in the same place for a long time

Symptoms can indicate various diseases such as

  • Back from lifting heavy objects: muscle inflammation, a herniated bone, or a herniated disc.
  • In the middle of the back: There is a problem with the spinal discs or spinal joints.
  • Back pain extending to the side: The back muscles are abnormal.
  • Accompanied by numbness-weakness: abnormal nerve system
  • Similar to an electric shock: The nerve may be pinched.
  • Fatigue-type back pain: may be caused by muscles.

How bad is the back pain? You should consult a doctor.

The above mentioned diseases that cause back pain are Not everyone experiences the same level of pain. Some people may have a lot or a little depending on that person’s body. We should not ignore it and let the pain stay with us for a long time. It is necessary to observe ourselves at what level of pain we have. By the level from back Starting with mild symptoms such as body aches. muscle aches It has reached such a severe level that it affects daily life, radiating down the leg. Needle-like pain Or a tingling pain. The important thing is if you have long-lasting. Weakness or numbness, fever, pain at night and inability to sleep. Having problems with abnormal bowel movements You should consult a doctor immediately. Additional tests may be ordered to determine the cause. and clear symptoms of the disease With current medical equipment such as

  • X-ray examination (X-RAY)
  • Computerized tomography (CT SCAN)
  • spinal x-ray With electromagnetic waves (MRI)

Treat back pain

When we know about back pain The next step is inevitable: treatment. This is the first treatment for pain, such as taking painkillers. or muscle relaxants or physical therapy But if the pain increases Until unable to use daily life, such as having difficulty getting up, standing, sitting, lying down, or walking, there must be treatment that should be under the supervision of a medical professional. This may include injections into the spinal nerves. or minimally invasive surgery After surgery, you will need to recover at least 1 – 3 days in the hospital, which should only be advised by a team of highly skilled doctors.

Back pain can be prevented by all of us. Which is not difficult. To avoid dangers that will affect our body, such as lifting or carrying heavy objects. You should also exercise regularly. To maintain body weight within the appropriate range for our shape. Because even though medical evolution has now progressed far But if we don’t take care of ourselves well It will have a negative effect on our body.

2  methods of treating back pain 

Treatment without surgery

non-surgical treatment It’s probably the treatment that everyone wants. Because it costs little, is economical, plus you don’t have to spend a long สมัคร ufabet time staying in the hospital. It is a palliative treatment, which is taking medicine. physical therapy resting It’s the default method. for treatment To make the patient recover gradually

But in some people, steroid injections into the spinal canal It can also cure It will help reduce pain from inflammation. Helps in diagnosing the position. That is the cause This method of treatment It is used in cases where the patient has received palliative treatment. But the symptoms did not improve. Or there is pain from the nerve being disturb. This method is therefore the next step for patients. It is still consider economical and takes little time.

Treatment by surgery

This method is the final method. If you can’t fix it with the above points. Doctors will use this method of treatment. to make the patient recover by patients who use this method Often there are very severe symptoms, such as being unable to control bowel movements, weakness in the legs, being unable to walk, or other treatments that are ineffective. Surgical treatment So he came to help. But there are many methods of surgery. Depends on the patient’s symptoms or various symptoms occurring